Testing web apps (Python, Twill)

Michele Simionato has an article up at OReillyNet on testing web applications, focused mainly around python and Twill.

Twill is a neat little mini-language thing, and he mentions Selenium at the very end of the article. I wish he’d looked a little more into Selenium. The more I see of it, the more I think “Damn, that’s a framework to really get to know and use” – at least for testing purposes. As we move more and more into using Javascript to push the envelope for web applications, getting a good system of testing that stuff is critically important (I hadn’t a good clue on how to chase that very subject down 12 months ago), and the FIT-style display of tests and results is a very powerful mechanism.

Note – I haven’t actually used Selenium yet, but I think its something I will before all is said and done.

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