Mindcamp is over, and it was really good. Very worthwhile, although I’m a bit tired after the whole thing.

So what do you do? Well, you follow it up with taking in Jarhead with a friend for a sunday afternoon matinee. Wow – that’s a damn good movie. It hits close to home for me, as that whole piece of craziness was exploding while I was wandering around Europe after graduating from college. It was really heavily on my mind, but then I think it was really heavily on everyone’s mind at the time.

It wasn’t a big “blow ’em up” movie, but it was intensely personal and mad props go to Jake Gyllenhaal for his portrail of Swoff. I enjoyed him in Donnie Darko, and although I haven’t seen him in the intevening roles, he’s progressed very well as an actor.

There is a lot of chew on from the movie. Little tidbits are even now (hours later) coming back to poke and prod at my mind.

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