Mind Camp – a few days later

Wow, so a whole bunch of people have dug around and written about Mind Camp.

Scoble, while taking the a pot-shot at Google, has some links if you’re interested. If you want pics – check out Flikr with the tag mindcamp10.

I think Ted’s writeup is the most complete, and captures the event pretty well. All sorts of tidbits that are clamoring around in my head, even now. Avi Bryant’s Dabble DB was incredible (gus caught that too in his delicious links). There was another fellow there with Avi, and I feel terrible for not remembering his name. I do remember Todd Blanchard‘s ObjectiveCLIPS which was really cool, and in which I almost passed out from just being tired. Sunday morning was not the best time for sessions…

One of the most intriguing sessions that is still roaming around in my head was the first one I attended – where I accidentally nicked Buzz Bruggeman‘s chair while he was talking. We chatted a bit during and after that session on computers and augmentation of human capabilities, and some time late that night he wandered over to me and gave me a lovely Windows Longhorn jacket (very nice shell), for no reason that I could tell other than we’d had a good conversation and he thought it would fit me.


Avi wrote me – his partner in crime that afternoon was Andrew Catton, co-developer of Dabble and co-founder of Smallthought. I couldn’t find a blog from Andrew, but he and Avi have been cited in a paper about explicit programming, so I’ll leave it at that link.

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