Foggy nights and cat care

The past several nights have been pretty foggy in Seattle, at least around the top of Queen Anne and in the “higher” neighborhoods like Wallingford and Phinney Ridge. Its been sort of neat – the air has a vibrant chill and the light does really cool things.

Wormwood (our cat with the recent surgery – and yes, I named him) is doing quite a bit better, but we’d always wish for better still. He’s not yet given in to opening his mouth to eat, so tomorrow is the telling day. If he’s not eating or at least drinking by tomorrow by himself, then we’ll need to get back to the vets to make sure he’ll get enough fluids – one way or the other. I’m sure he won’t care for that at all, so we’re hoping he starts drinking a little tomorrow. In the meantime, he’s being pretty cuddly and we’re keeping a close eye on him.

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