ESS spec for sync and share

Normally I ignore the microsoft hype engine when it comes to that latest “open standard” that Microsoft is proposing, but this one caught my eye: SSE. It’s really a pretty simple spec (GOOD!) on how to detail attributes for adding onto the basic RSS bits with some detail about what was added, when, and some data to enable you to check against the last time you synchronized to that feed.

While I’ve read through the spec, I haven’t really sat down and sketched out how it all would/could work. Seems like for a basic concept of synchronizing really simple feed information bits, it’d be pretty worthwhile. It’s not a pub/sub model, but for a simple polling mechanism, you can set up unidirectional or bidirectional flows pretty effectively.

I first read about it on Ray Ozzie’s blog, which I subscribed to after I heard he had one now… just to see what rolled out on it.

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