Tiger in a nutshell

Nope, not literally – this is a mac geek thing.

Got a copy of Mac OS X Tiger in a nutshell today, so in between baking, mixing, and stiring I took a look. I was actually disappointed not to see a reference to textutil in there, seeing as it came out new in Tiger. Even still, it’s a pretty complete volume, and it has a great reference in there about Bash, Emacs and vi, which I thought was kinda cool.

I still use vi as a default “I need something now” command-line editor, but that is honestly a throwback to the days when it was the only thing reliably installed on machines. Anymore though, I go for TextWrangler, SubEthaEdit or SciTe (when on windows). I used to use BBEdit all the time, but I found I just didn’t use all its features, so it wasn’t worthwhile paying the upgrade fee. Their products definitely don’t suck.

Back to the book. The vast majority of it is really a printed “man page” for all the command-line features available in there. It would have been sort of nice to get a little kick as to what was where – there are some things that are only 10.4, but they’re not easy to spot.

Oh – and there’s a section in the back on using XWindows programs with Tiger, but it really focuses on fink as the medium by which they expect you to install code. I’ve headed to preferring darwinports.

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