Mmmmm. full.

Thanksgiving dinner came off well. The first one we’ve cooked, really, in years. Mostly we’ve always gone to other houses in the family and just help out there. This time, it was Nathan, Leah, Kirstin, and Gus.

The turkey came out reasonably well, the gravy worked nicely, and the whole spread was WAY more food than 6 people really needed. But that’s thanksgiving, isn’t it? Nathan brought an incredible sipping rum that I’ve been enjoying since midafternoon (slowly – I’m fortunately not trashed). I’m not even sure what I’m going to do with all the leftovers, except maybe eat myself sick this weekend. Oh – and the pumpkin pie came out pretty well too. Not my most amazing pie baking display, but tasty.

Now we have three more days to unwind and chill. I think a bunch of reading, and maybe a video game or two are in my near future. I do miss being around the rest of the family right now, but I should get to see them all at Christmas.

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