Christmas Cards

Karen loves doing them, and I view them as sort of a necessary chore. Something you just “gotta do” over the holidays. Even still, the hard truth is you’ve got a much better chance getting a card from us if your last name is near the beginning of the alphabet. I get annoyed after so many card writings at one sitting and just refused to do any more. As is the case at the moment.

But hey – I can write here, and that’s a LOT easier than the little notesy writing that typically makes it into a card. For one thing, I can type a LOT more than I can easily write. If Karen wouldn’t shoot me, I’d be tempted to write one of those “to everyone” little letters, print out a couple hundred, and fold those into cards. Cheap, easy, efficient. But I guess that’s not quite the name of the game with holiday cards. Ah well.

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