A little web drama

It’s always amusing, sometimes in that not-so-funny-way, to see the drama that can come out from reviews of API, technical projects, and the like. A classic case in point is Aaron Swartz’ rather nasty and overblow review of trying to use Django.

The very best part of the whole page are the comments – “Letters to the Editor” as he has them labelled. The first two comments are from two of the creators of Django – both incredibly well constrained and positive feedback for the attack they received. It’s the fourth that I found most amusing – Paul Graham called him out on his complete lack of followthrough in his writeup – that he never actually defined a “real reason” for switching.

Well, I have a rather positively biased fondness of Django, simply because I think what they’re doing is cool, and it was driven by need which is easy to see. It compares very closely (in my mind) to Ruby on Rails – except using python. Of course I haven’t used it on any projects yet (other than piddling things), but it’s clearly standing up to the pressure with the Washington Post and ChicagoCrime