It was a very long day today, and I’m completely bushed. You know, one of those days that just leaves you completely drained…

Even still, I wanted to write briefly that Karen and I took in Narnia tonight, and we both thought it was really well done.

I’d been a little hesitant after the papers made such a big schpiel about it being a “christian movie”, but really the movie stuck to the book and wasn’t any more or less overtly “christian” than the text. Alegorically, yeah – but it was also just a good (classic) story with well played actors and actresses and some really nice special effects. I especially liked the griffons. As far as acting, James McAvoy (played the faun Tumnus) did a great job, and I thought his facial expressions were near priceless. Not hilarious or stupid or anything like that – just really right on for what I expected in the role.

Now I think I’ll go pass out. Tomorrow bodes decorations, and Karen has already extracted a promise of hanging and setting up of the various holiday decor thingies we have.

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