This just makes it too easy…

A little evening geektalk from the testing world.

I was determined to play with Selenium a bit tonight, and while I was wandering around in FAQ land, I stumbled upon SeleniumRecorder – a firefox extension that records sessions and generates Selenium test scripts (or at least the basis for them). How freakin’ awesome is that! Yeah, yeah – I can hear it now: This guy is excited about a TESTING TOOL!?!?

Well, let me tell you – its a place where the tools cost a freakin’ fortune, so getting things you can really use on a budget (like, er, working in a startup) is damn difficult! And Selenium has rolled out and made the whole testing process for web pages just about 100 times better than it had been previously. I mean, sure – you can still write the automation pieces that drive HttpUnit, or take advantage of Pamie or Watir and drive IE through it’s COM interface – but this just trumps the lot as far as I’m concerned – because now you can let javascript driver SEVERAL DIFFERENT BROWSERS actually through the site to help identify cross-browser compatibility problems and functionally test the lot.

Its not a completely “do everything” for you tool set, but it is really very complete.

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