no fog…

Tonight was a night to get out of the house. When I came home, Karen had clearly come down with a cold and wasn’t feeling well, which I thought would kill those plans for the night. But she sacked out really early and told me to go out anyway, so I spent most of the evening down at El Diablo, ensconced in a comfy chair and reading a science fiction book I bought next door instead of doing the journal writing I thought I might do. Not exactly what I intended, but it worked out well.

I just got home a little bit ago, and Karen has been back up and looks like she might have a little insomnia to top it all off. I think its really just a big stress relief thing from her finals and finishing up classes. She took it well, but she was pretty cranked up over the whole “finals thing”.

While I was walking home, I noticed one thing for sure – there wasn’t ANY fog. In fact, it was a crystal clear night. Yeah – in that midwest sense, it was also pretty darn chilly out there. Not mid-winter-missouri chilly, but below freezing – which is really pretty uncommon for up here.

So no journal writing (or at least not much), but it’s been a nice evening, and the stars were pretty on the walk home.

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