Halo 2 on Legendary mode

I spent some of this Christmas holiday (and break from work) playing Halo 2 on Legendary mode. Actually, I played it co-op in legendary mode with Dan, my Co-op player of thanksgivings and christmas’. I gotta tell you – that’s darn hard! We spent an hour with the game mostly handing us back our guts.

Heh – so then we dropped down to normal and moved way forward and finally finished the co-op game we started way-back-when (something like two years ago I think). When we watched the final screens roll past, we were sort of stunned and couldn’t figure out that we’d just finished the game. It also happened to be 6:30am and we’d been playing since 10pm – so I suppose it is completely legitimate that we were both pretty stunned.

We’ve been scooting around and taking on levels at “heroic” since that finish, which has also been pretty good. It is sort of annoying that “Legendary” difficulty makes you both stay alive or reset to the last save point. Of course we use that to our advantage in the lower levels.

I was getting pretty good at accuracy pitching the grenades, but my sniping has gone way down. Dan was definitely the better sniper this time around. The most amusing point was when Dan accused me of driving terribly while he was firing a gun on the back of the jeep – only to realize that an NPC was driving and I was running along behind trying to catch up to them when they left me! (we got our butts kicked there too – never let computer controlled AI drive the jeep…)

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