I little bit of skapeti is planned for dinner tonight (yeah, John – that’s normally Spaghetti – but I spelled it wrong intentionally). Karen’s in the kitchen cooking up a sauce from scratch that smells like it’s going to be terrific. I did some chopping of the onions and garlic, and am currently engaged in a hollering match around the concept : “There’s no such thing as too much garlic.” Like I said, it ought to be really tasty.

I’m using my grandmother’s PC to get connected and do some work remotely. VPN connections established, software all loaded, connections made… but the killer is the font settings. Somewhere she’s enabled components of IE into a large font mode that’s outside of the themes. It’s making using IE a tad difficult. The end result is that I’ll have a pile of things to uninstall before I leave – heh.

Meanwhile, we’re chasing my grandmother all over the house. We dragged her out to the dining room for breakfast this morning, and then chased her into the living room to watch TV for a while. I took a nap (i.e. went back to bed) for a short bit, and completely missed picking up Ben from the airport. Fortunately, he’s not shy about calling – so we ran and got him immediately. It’s also a good thing Burlington isn’t too big – he didn’t have to wait long for us to get across town.

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