Quiet new years day

Today’s been a pretty quiet New Years day. Everyone was sort of worn out from the flood of family and food yesterday, so we were all slow in moving today, including Lela. I think the sheer volume of noise and people yesterday wore her out some. She also had trouble sleeping last night – the family curse of insomnia I guess.

I didn’t know it, but last year she received a roomba for Christmas, so we let it loose into the living room for a while today. That was amusing, and they’re pretty neat little things. I do wish it had a clue when it was running out of battery to get back to it’s little nest. Even still, I’m really liking it.

While the roomba was wandering about the carpet and getting stuck behind chairs and under cords, we watched a bit of football. Having watched football on HDTV and again today on regular TV, the difference is truly amazing. Nature shows and sports are the definite realm of HDTV, being quickly followed up by some of the XBox 360 games (Call of Duty 2 to be specific), which I’m having to grudgingly admit have some just incredible gameplay viewing. It’s a good thing there’s a huge shortage of those things this year or Dan and I would have impulsively bought one over Christmas to spend all our time playing it. I rather expect that the new Morrowwind game will be similiarly beautiful.

Tomorrow we’re getting up early and heading up to the farm. That’s sort of a misnomer, because it’s not a working farm anymore – but that’s what we call it. 39.5 acres of lightly wooded mississippi bluffs. It’ll be nice to get out there again and see the land a bit. We’re talking Tom and Clinton up there, who are thinking about hunting on it, and showing them the area. They’d also keep an eye on it for us.

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