a little bit of a spill today

Lela’s been doing better and better, but she took a spill today. She was in her bedroom this morning, walking with a cane, and the world just turned sideways on her. She’s not hurt, but darned annoyed. The nurse came today too (not related) and we boiled it down to low blood pressure being the most probably cause. She’s not yet eating what she used to, nor being as active. She is still making terrific progress, just not the miracle progress that I think we are all wanting to see.

We talked about options to look after her past this Thursday when Karen and I return to Seattle. Some sort of visiting care seems like the best option to me, and the nurse who’s coming by this week and next indicated her agency provides those services. We’ll be figuring something out over the next few days, because I don’t think she’ll be up to everything she’d been doing just prior to getting sick by the time we’re leaving. Still – the progress has been terrific.

The only downside is that Ben left back for Denver – I just dropped him at the airport. There goes the really good cooking! Ben is an amazing chef who helps make the magic happen at Red Walrus in Denver. Ben has his own little spot on the site if you’re interested in a recipe…

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