keeping all the balls in the air

You know what, there are a balls to keep in the air all at once when you’re looking after someone and trying to work remotely. Wow – I mean, really – this ain’t easy!

One of the things that’s been really annoying is this restriction for DHCP addresses on the cable modem. Part of that is how I work – I have multiple computers here, but I can’t easily hook them all up at once – at least not without going out and getting more hardware to work around the 1 address restriction that’s being imposed by the cable modem people.

I’ll have to think about how I can work this in the future – I suspect something as simple as a WRT54g wireless router might do the trick and make life a lot easier. You don’t realize how much you take the wireless freedom for granted until you don’t have it.

Lela’s blood pressure is still low, and we have a call in to the nurse and doctor to see what we can do about it. The intial guess is that the drug dosage is just too high. The nurse and cardiologist are both keen on keeping it with the beta channel blocker bits that are there. Dad and Louise are using a calcium channel blocker for similiar effects (blood pressure reduction), but coming from different intial circumstances, and Dad reported that the beta blockers were a bit too effective for him – it sounds somewhat similiar to what Lela is having with the blood pressure drops. We’ve passed that all along to the nurse (Deborah) and the doctor, and are waiting to hear back.

For the detail interested, the essential problem is an Aortic aneurysm, which seems to be pretty derived from atherosclerosis. Lela has the tear, and its down relatively low. Managing the blood pressure is the biggest thing to do, and just getting that right is proving to be damned troublesome.

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