low blood pressure

The medications the docs have given Lela are working – a bit too well as we’re learning. They’re dropping her blood pressure pretty agressively, which has led to another scare last night.

She got up about 1am to “use the facilities” and was doing fine for a minute or two, and then everything blacked out. She wasn’t hurt, but I was sure scared. I heard her fall, leapt out to check, and she was on the ground – walker and all. I shouted for Karen, and we took some time getting everything back together before getting her back to bed. She didn’t respond for the few minute or two after she’d fallen, and I about had a fit. Then she came back around, and even sitting up was a chore.

The end result of all this has been “experiment with Lela” this morning, where Karen’s been taking blood pressure readings constantly. It’s been very very low – and when she even sits up, it crashes down. We got her all the way to standing again, but then she started to go again – so we got her sitting down quickly.

Karen and I are just pretty damn sure the medication is too heavily weighted to keep it low – doing it’s job too well.

So the end result was two falls yesterday, but she’s a pretty tough lady and didn’t take any damage other than a bruise. Not that I want to press our luck there. Louise and Ed are back from shopping, so it’s lunch time…

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