reduced meds, keyboard drivers

And those two topics have nothing related except that they’re both related to my grandmother. She’s on reduced medication for the blood pressure stuff – which we’ll be tracking like a fiend tomorrow.

And while everything else was running, I tried to install a driver for the HP 5183-9980 multimedia keyboard to her (newish) computer. The various special function keys weren’t doing anything. When I checked Windows, it was just using the standard microsoft driver. Let me tell you – that was better. I spent three hours screwing around attempting to uninstall the damn thing that I dropped in place, as it was causing blue screens and terrible slowdowns. I thought I had that licked, but no such luck. That was annoying, and I just wanted to sit down and work on it – but dinner needed some working on at the same time. I spent a lot of time running back and forth from the computer room to the kitchen.

We made a passable meatloaf in the end. We planned for a roast, but the roast sized lump of beef was inconviently ground beef – so we “roasted” it as meatloaf. Turned out pretty darn OK, even if Ben wasn’t here to cook it.

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