thinking about heading back

Karen and I work on returning to Seattle tomorrow – flights down to St. Louis and then from there to Seattle. So today has been a blur of getting everything set for when we leave. Our flight leaves out of Burlington around 11:30am, and it’ll be a full day of travel to get back.

The reduced medicine has improved the blood pressure levels to where Lela isn’t passing out when she stands up, but it’s still pretty darn low during the day. I expect it’ll take another week or so to get that all levelled out to a reasonable dose. In the meantime, Louise will be staying here after we leave through the weekend, and then we have some professional services folks who’ll come in for the next week and be here to assist around the clock.

All that being said, Lela was up moving around much better today. She came back into the office to see what havoc Karen and I had made of her room and to clear out the backlog of mail. I went shopping and bought a little more food. I’ve found that I am WAY out of the habit of “stocking up” that I used to do when I lived in the midwest. You just get really spoiled when the grocery store is all of four blocks from your house.

So now I just have to remove the plethora of software that I installed on her PC so that I could work remotely. I’ve been using the Netscreen VPN client extensively this week, and aside from the damn thing wanting to reconnect constantly after you manually disconnect it, it’s been a gem. Pretty darn quick, low impact – a little bizarre to set up, but not really bad when you consider the alternatives. I think I’ll quietly leave Firefox installed here though – just because I can’t quiet leave anyone with just IE. Seems sort of criminal.

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