my very strange cat

Most cats, at least by reputation, don’t like water. Not mine. He’s a freak. Of course, I like that about him. Even still, this one astounded me.

We’ve got this little water problem you see. Nearing the record rainfall in Seattle, the groundwater is thoroughly saturated, and we’re seeing an upwelling through a french drain set outside our basement steps (and 3 1/2′ below grade). It periodically causes a small stream through our basement to the floor drain, where it happily goes away. But not without leaving the periodic puddle.

And there’s where this story comes in. While Karen was downstairs today putting in some laundry, this bizarre cat of mine sits down in one of the puddles. Maybe only 1/8″ deep, but he just sits right down. Looks around, his ears all forward and interested. Then I think he saw the reflections in the water, because it became playtime and he started batting at the water. This, of course, made everything move. And that is just so much more interesting, that (as a cat) you simply have to bat at it some more.

After a good 15 minutes of this, I guess he got tired. So he just laid down. Yep, in that puddle. He was soaked. Karen brought him upstairs in a towel another 30 minutes later, just so he wouldn’t track water all over the place.

Is that a weird cat or what?

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