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Karen and I have been talking about a new TV and stereo recently, which sort of cascades down to a lot of things happening inside the house – but most specifically converting the area where our TV is currently located into a built-ins area. The interior of the house is craftsman styling (wood painted white, not the wonderful dark wood that some of our friends have), so the idea is to mimic that style and make it accent out interior of the house even further, while allowing room for a 42″ plasma TV.

It just so happens that I saw a woodworking store across the street from Fusion Beads over on Stone Way today, so I headed over to check it out (bead stores are sort of boring for me). While I was there, I saw a copy of The Furniture of Gustav Stickley, and ended up picking it up for the woodworking projects and general lines. I like the styling quite a bit, and plan to use it for ideas. None of our furniture is craftsman, just the interior walls and woodwork. Along the same lines, Karen pulled out all the copies we could find of Old House Journal – and they even had an issue with a bunch of details on making craftsman style built-ins.

Now I have no idea when we’ll actually attack this project, but some movement is happening!

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