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I’ve been working with MS Project lately, trying to find the most effective ways of using it. And you know what? The Microsoft site on Project is just freakin’ useless. They talk all about how you can plug in VBA applications and connect things to a dozen other Microsoft servers that I haven’t a clue what actual value they provide. What they DON’T have is some real information on how to apply MS project to real-world problems. Like how to deal with the reality of resource constraints when people are doing two things at once. Or that a review of a project takes everyone for 1 hour – but putting that review into project seems to absorb either 0 or 1 days. Not that I really even want to keep track of people’s time down to the hour.

It would be really nice to have a “this is how we’re using it” series of articles that I could read and get up to speed. Otherwise it’s calling in all sorts of contacts and favors to get a sense of what tribal knowledge can be gleamed.

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