grand house reorganization thoughts

Today has been reading and grand house reorganization thoughts. One of those “strategic thinking” days really – walking around the house, trying to visualize and think of the house in a slightly different format and use.

We have, long ago actually, run out of space for our books and my gadget electronics and software storage. They are spilling out onto the floor, stacked on tables sideways – basically all over the house. We manage to make forays into the dining room to clear off the table periodically, but that really means that stacks of books get made higher elsewhere.

And that cool treadmill I have? Well, it seems that Karen isn’t too keen on the idea of it remaining in the dining room indefinitely. I expect I can get away with another year or two on sheer inertia, but that would be a might subversive way of not dealing with it.

Finally, we’re making more and more noises about a new TV and maybe actually getting a sound system for the house. At least where-ever the TV is. A little 5.1 surround would be really nice. Shoot – just having a clear two channels and a subwoofer would be a major improvement.

Our current thoughts are revolving around finding/making more book storage throughout the house. There’s a bumped-out section of our dining room that would be perfect for some built-in storage. Doing the finish carpentry work there would give us a lot of horizontal book storage as well as enhancing the general craftsman feel of the room. There is some minor woodwork detailing on a couple of hallwall/doorway trim areas that I really want to put together to finish pulling that detail into alignment with the rest of the house.

We have an 8×10 room that was once a piano room (currently my computer area and bookshelves) that looks like it would work well for a little excercise room – my treadmill and whatever additional stuff (tv or computer or something).

And finally, there’s the living room – which we have two different views into. It basically amounts to moving the couch or not, and then what wall would be our “entertainment” area. The new plasma TV’s would allow us to hang the TV on the wall, which really opens up the possibilities. Some decent sound and a new TV – that’d be really nice. The TV would be for movies and games. We don’t have cable (or satellite), and we continue to not want it.

Whatever we do there, we want to choose effectively for ourselves, since we expect it will be an investment for 7-10 years. So far we’ve boiled it down to at least a 42″ plasma (or LCD) with 720 or 1080i resolution, an ATSC tuner, and cable card ready (we *might* change our minds after all). The Xbox is a reasonable DVD player, but not awesome – so we might do some central tuner/DVD/CD player thingy (we saw a neat Denon system at Magnolia Hi-Fi last night that I was sort of enthralled with). The sound would be with small speakers around the top of the room – maybe Bose or something ala carte – and a good central channel that has some base (or a subwoofer) to it.

We’re having a hard time prioritizing between TV or sound first, so it may just be a whole-hog purchase at some point. That wouldn’t be cheap, but it would be an awesome upgrade.

Finally, I think most of my electronics would go into shelving or other closed storage and I’d just admit to myself that I’m fully laptop oriented for compute these days. Stick my G4 desktop into a closet or tucked away somewhere with other electronics and use it as a server. Shoot – at this point I could probably get one of those iMacs for that job – even leave it in a built-in somewhere. Okay – so I just like the look of the darn things. An upgrade from my 800MHz G3 iBook is due sometime this year. One of the things that I keep thinking about is how to transmit A/V from the computer onto that awesome new TV we’ll be getting. I already have all my music on my macs, so I don’t really want to re-rip the whole set of CD’s into some other system (like Bose’ lifestyle arrangement). And then there’s the inevitable video that I’d like to play from the computer. In some senses, I could easily make that iMac the center system for playing DVDs or CDs. Heh – maybe I should.

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