Well darn.

I took a stab at developing some internal tests using Selenium to see if that might be a reasonable fit going forward. I was impressed with the cross browser functionality and focus, which would make a number of things a LOT easier.

Unfortunately what I learned is that if your web application takes over the window (i.e. reaches into the DOM and makes SURE that it’s the dominant window and not running inside a frame), the selenium isn’t a good choice. At least in FIT mode. I haven’t yet tried to run it in driven mode – that might resolve the issue, but I’m not counting on it.

We’ve been doing a fair bit of using PHP to drive IE (similiar to Pamie or Watir), and that’s been working pretty darn well. The only problem is that its specific to IE on the windows environment. And it would be really nice to get Firefox testing in there too…

Most interesting with Pamie is that there’s a 2.0 beta release which came out just a little while ago (two weeks as of this writing). Its a pretty big change to the whole pamie setup (so a lot of scripts written with 1.0 will need to be slightly modified), but it is a LOT cleaner. There’s still an assumption that you’ll know what to do with the callable COM objects if you’re fiddling around in the interactive mode, or if you want to invoke something odd and strange inside the DOM (clicking on images, etc). Still, its a great improvement – and it runs very smoothly.

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