cleaning the basement

This whole water thing is at least netting us something – a very clean basement floor. The rainstorms that ran through here over the past few days just added to the seepage and wetness in the basement. In fact, I spent about 30 minutes sweeping the puddles towards the floor drain to help the place out. Good lord, what a pain. In the meantime though, I suppose it is only reasonable to admire the nice clean floor that we have…

And while I’m moaning about sweeping some puddled in the basement, Byron is about to engage on a whole new freakish aspect of outsourcing. I’m not so sure I’d be as welcoming about this process as he is – there’s a lot of institutional bagage that you carry along with a whole new load of bizarre stress. But then I’m often not good at defining a hard limit for something like that. For those that can – it can be a sweet way to move around.

Of course you know Byron – I’ll help you find a gig in (wet) Seattle any time… Just to keep the options open. 🙂

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