I’ve been doing more with VMWare lately, and in the midst of generating (and breaking) various Microsoft win32 images, I snagged a copy of the Ubuntu image and started playing with it. The whole VMWare Player free application has made it really accessible, and I can’t wait to see a VMWare application running on the intel Macs…

While I think desktop linux still has a way to go, I’ve got to admit that Ubuntu’s distro is about the best I’ve seen so far. I fiddled around with the GUI update manager code, and felt equally comfortable diving into the command-line world to do apt-get’s and get my own miscellaneous crap installed.

One of the fun tools that I’ve been playing with is Stani’s Python Editor. I know I’m supposed to be able to make it all work on MacOS X – but I never did. There was a quick install package under Ubuntu, so I’ve got it all running on that image now. Very neat – I think I could easily loose a good few days to just exploring the IDE setup that he put together.

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