The wind has been howlin’!

We’ve been having 30MPH winds, gusting up to 75MPH (!) in some places. Its causing enough havoc around the house that I’m sure it is going to be a delight all over Seattle. Oversaturated ground water, higher than normal tide – and now a lovely windstorm. So far we’ve picked up the bird feeder (chain broke) and chased two pots back from our front verge (they had been on the porch). Every window on our house is rain spattered, and it seems like a little vortex is forming on the south side of the house, where our front porch is. I’m really glad we’re not at a hill peak or anything – it’d really be rough then. As it is, we’re snuggled down behind other buildings without too much significant view or such.

The windstorm even made it into my dreams this morning – the wind sounds vaguely like heavy surf in the distance, so I was dreaming about heavier than normal surf surging over the house and washing things away on the inland side. Very odd. I think I’m glad I’m awake now.

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