The Sun! (and other sunday notions)

Woke up this morning to a sunny day. That’s damned impressed compared to what we’ve been having here in Seattle for the past month. I had become used to significantly more “sun breaks” during the cloudy times than we received over the past 6 weeks – so the sun is a really welcome respite.

And since it’s sunny, and the windstorm from yesterday died down in the evening, things are reasonably dry. Not my basement, of course, but the ground outside is at least not a mud swamp under grass waiting to suck you in to your ankles. Actually, the basement isn’t too bad – just some leftover light puddling in the low spots. I’m now a firm believer in detailed finish work on basement floors to make sure they’re level… or at least bevelled to a floor drain.

We took quick advantage of the dry and mowed the lawn – well, the backyard and the verge. Step in any of the planting bed areas and your feet will sink in an inch or two, and if Karen sees it… wow. You’ll get this extensive lecture about compacted soil and effectiveness of flower and bulb growth. I am now staying off any flower bed areas – even to the extent of carrying the mower around the long way. The back yard wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t too bad for all that. If it had been summer hours (long days, more sun), it would have been significantly more nightmareish.

And if you didn’t know, today is no hereby declared “Seattle’s Vacation Superbowl Day”. Since the seahawks are going to the Superbowl (a never-before-happenin’ sort of thing), pretty much the entire darn city except the sports bars are closing up and heading to home (or their friend’s home) to watch the game. I think I’m one of the few who won’t be watching it this year – I expect I’ll hear what happens.

I even have some dollars in a pool at work. God knows why – mostly because I was sick of hearing Gabe blabber about “almost full board”. I think I just paid the money to shut him up.

I think that’s it (for now) from sunny Seattle!

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