It was a beautiful day outside today, and I’m getting really freakin’ grumpy tonight. First I spent 30 minutes driving around Capitol Hill, looking for a place to park so that Karen and I could get a bite and chat for the 30 minutes or so until her class started. I wasn’t willing to pay $7 for what would be 30 minutes of parking. I ended up just driving around looking for someplace to land while Karen just got nervous about the traffic. Somehow, my frustration just added to a negative cycle that was starting to develop…

Then tonight, ZoomInfo sends me a confirmation email wanting to verify who I am, but when I follow it they’re asking me for either a credit card or a verification email at – all because the data they have referencing me was from an article on that listed me as an author. Then when I replied to the verification email, it bounced. Come on guys – that’s just the freakin’ basics. Get it together. Anything else I might say here will get personally derrogatory very quickly, so I’ll leave it at that.

Oh yeah – and it was trash night. I hate trash night.

And the wireless crapped out halfway during my time at Uptown Espresso (waiting for Karen’s class – I bagged this shitty parking in Capitol Hill and went down to Belltown). That was annoying too.



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