Lake Quinault

I picked the perfect weekend this winter to head out to Lake Quinault. It was beautiful on the drive out there (Friday afternoon).

Saturday turned into a slightly overcast, but lovely and warm day walking around the woods on the outskirts of the Quinault Rainforest. We didn’t even get up early, but when we arrived at the trail head on the north side of the lake, we disturbed a herd of Elk, who watched us carefully. They didn’t spook – just sort of quietly moved in towards the deeper forest as we headed towards them on the trail. Incredible things – so quiet. That evening we just took it easy in the lodge (it’s a really cool old-style park service lodge) and I passed out for a good few hours sitting in a monstrous leather chair near the fireplace.

Today was brighter – with more sunshine, and we took our sweet ole time coming home. We got back into town around 4:30pm after taking the Bremerton ferry from the other side of the sound. I’m sure it would have been faster to drive on around (we waited an hour at Bremerton for the ferry), but that time relaxing and not driving is SO worth it to me. I used to be better at long road trips, but I drive so infrequently now that they’re getting to be a real pain.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take the camera with me – so there aren’t any pics to share. The elk herd would’ve been awesome to show off. Maybe next time.

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  1. Yes sir i love it at home. I am glad you like that place. I now live in the flathead vally of Montana. I am blessed to have lived in two of the most beautiful places in the World.



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