Well, I’ve finally finished Fable on the XBox. That was a neat game – I bought it MUCH later than when it came out, picked it up off the “used sale” shelf at one of the local game stores. That’s the way to go for games as far as I can tell.

I suppose I could follow on with it’s sequel : Fable, the Lost Chapters, but it seems to be Windows PC only – so I guess that’s out. I suppose the next big RPG I’ll immerse myself in is the follow on to Morrowind entitled Oblivion. I suppose it’s due out sometime in the near future, although “early 2006” could be up to May 31st as far as I can tell. Of course that means getting an XBox 360, which Microsoft can’t even manage very well to provide right now. **grumble**. Probably best though – I’d buy and be playing one if it was available.

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