Darned cold today

It was darned cold today, but the guys were out here working even still. I figured it might be below the mark, but they said it was all “OK”, so they were out there. The steps are finalized and mortared in place now. The patio is all laid and bordered, and the land slightly regraded when all is said and done. We managed to get a lot more flat space “up top” out this – which I really didn’t expect. I would’ve expanded the patio even further had I realized, but at this point it’ll make a nice planting area. Or maybe a spot to stash the grill once we have some plantings in place.

Tomorrow they should finish up – they are planning to lay in gravel and sand to fill in the open spaces between the flagstones, and then they’re done. They’ve done the vast majority of cleanup work already. We even have a few leftover stones that we can fiddle with a little later this year. Not much, mind you, but something.

Karen and I walked to the library today to return a book (and just get out). I had to walk fast to keep warm, and then I was glad I’d dressed warmly and worn a hat. I can’t even imagine what those guys were feeling like by the end of today. Way cold.

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