5 thoughts on “It’s done!!!

  1. Looks lov-er-ly.
    We need to do something with our fish pond/patio area. We went the cheap route, after ripping out the grass and pretty much leveling the ground we just put down a barrier, then pea gravel and some randomly laid stepping stones. Last year the weeds started invading. We will have to figure out something, because its a huge pain to have to weed your patio. At this point I’m ready to pay an expert to come in and fix it up for us with either stone, concrete or maybe a low deck that leads over to the other deck…I’m sure when the project starts I’ll be bloggin’ it.


  2. I don’t know what the strange leggy bush thing is that intrudes in front of my study window. Something that Karen likes that I think has yellow blooms in the spring (Forsythia … maybe?)


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