Cinnamon rolls

I was mentioning cinnamon rolls to a friend the other day, and she suggested Mae’s Cafe, up at 65th and Phinney Ave. Since I’m always on the lookout for a really good cinnamon roll, Karen and I headed up there this morning to see what the “world famous cinnamon rolls” were all about.

Unfortunately, we were deeply disappointed. The rolls were stale, just plain and simple. And not even smothered in butter and frosting did they get any better. Even the cores were dry. It was darned disappointing. They looked like they might be really good if they were fresh – but I can’t recommend them based on today’s experience. I barely touched mine – tried the outside, tried the core – just gave up there.

We did follow on with a drop by Essential Bakery at 34th and Wallingford. Very different style of cinnamon roll – more carmelized and pastry like – less bready. That took care of the yearning.

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