I guess it starts tomorrow…

Tomorrow isn’t my first day, but it is the step in that direction. I fly down to LAX to start the process of working for “the new company”. For those of you who haven’t heard – I’m no longer workin’ for “The Man”. This time, I’m “workin for the Mouse”. Yep, I’ve joined Disney. In particular, I’ve joined the Walt Disney Internet Group at their Seattle office. The first few days are introduction and orientation, and then I’m back in Seattle to get settled into the new position.

There is a huge amount going on within the company, so as you might expect – this will be the only real post about the job at all. Yeah, I guess I’ve learned something since 2001. I’m looking forward to it, I’m glad to have had a little time off, and I’m not at all sure about navigating L.A. sunday, monday, and tuesday. You get the good with the bad, I suppose.

I’ll be back in Seattle in no time, ready to spend more time on that awesome new patio, hack away at my random evening projects, and theorize about the new video system that we’d like to have. All pending the upcoming announcements from Apple, of course. Good rumors there… Initial reports, btw, of the MacBook Pro (shitty name, neat laptop) are really positive. I’m waiting to see the nitty-gritty from the likes of John Siracusa or Jon Udell. Reported battery life is ~ 3.5 hours, btw.

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  1. Wow- very cool. Can’t imagine having to navigate traffic in LA- I hate it when I have to go to Chicago and I can’t imagine that Chi-town traffic even approaches what its like in LA-LA Land.
    Good luck with the job


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