I’m free!!!!

Finally, I’m free!

I’d been holding off starting to read Judas Unchained, the sequel to Pandora’s Star, which just came out in hardback for the US market last week. Of course once I started it, I had a VERY hard time putting it down.

I spent all day yesterday reading (that would be pretty much 9am to 2am, straight through). I did take the book to breakfast and dinner (skipped lunch) so I could keep reading. I suppose I did take a whole 60 minute break at one point to feed the cats and such, but that’s it. Then I started up again late this morning (11:30am) and I’ve finally finished it.

I really like how Peter Hamilton is progressing as a science fiction writer. This book was equally engaging to his previous works, and had a far better ending. It was still an 824 page monster, but darned engrossing! And since Karen’s at a workshop, it was the perfect time to get seriously hooked. If you’re jonsing for a really good read, I’d actually recommend the confederation universe series, even though the ending in The Naked God was way too much deus ex machina for my tastes. The story all the way through was wonderfully rich and engrosing.

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