it was the size of a baseball?!?!

Wow. The midwest certainly took a pretty significant beating!

We got a call from the family in Columbia, and they survived with relatively minimal damange it sounds like. Although in this case, relatively minimal means a baseball sized piece of hail ripped through their skylight, and more of that size (and smaller) pounded the snot out of their siding, tearing holes all along it. I had never seen hail and damage of that level in CoMo when I lived there, and Karen told me that somewhere there were wind speeds reported up to 206 mph! Cripes! That’s hurricane dustructive force speeds!

Fortunately it sounds like there were relatively few deaths from this nasty critter of a storm, but a lot of north CoMo took a pretty significant beating.

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One thought on “it was the size of a baseball?!?!

  1. Sometimes the universe is prompt, obvious and petty when balancing karma. Did you REALLY think splurging at the bookstore was harmless fun? Think about all the poor folks in Missouri next time!!!!


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