Uh, you mean right now?!

I went to the dentist this morning – something I have (unadvisedly) been basically blowing off for nearly two years. They were happy to see me, and I really like them – you know, it’s just the usual dentist (er, do I have to?) sort of thing.

The cleaning went well, everything was rolling along, and then Dr. Jensen swung by for the exam part. Turns out I needed a filling replaced, and that I had a cavity. At least that explains why food kept getting trapped behind that tooth…. but instead of scheduling up another appointment (where I could sort of nerve myself up for it), he threw me a curveball: “Do you have to get right back to work? I’ve got an opening due to a cancellation, and we could just get this taken care of right now. Take maybe a half hour…”

So much for working up my nerve. Of course I did it – so now I’ve a slightly aching jaw (those anesthetic shots always leave a sort of weird ache for the rest of the day), a new filling, and a replaced filling. At least its all taken care of!

And of course they had their parting shot – “How about six months for the next visit, hey?”

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4 thoughts on “Uh, you mean right now?!

  1. On a related note, if you are getting a physical, and the doctor asks you, “Have you had a Tetnus shot recently?” the correct answer is, “Yes.” If the doctor or nurse tells you, “You know, a Tetnus booster won’t hurt much,” the corret reply is, “You are a liar.”


  2. My first cavity was discovered whilst at Yahoo. They said the same thing, you know, we can take are of this in like 30 minutes…. *sigh* … lesson learned.


  3. “You are a liar, sir” is better I think, since they’re the ones with the big pointy needle about to stick in your arm. It can always get worse … ;-P


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