Pi? Screw that – this is the Ides of March

Yesterday was “Pi Day” – heh, ok. I never think of that, except when I read it on someone’s blog or something. But I always pay attention to the Ides of March.

Larry Okamura would probably find it amusing that I always think of the 15th of March over any other days. And yeah, I know St. Patty’s day is just around the corner, but that never sank it with me either. I think because I was tormented for not wearing green the right day too many times. Now I just ignore the darn thing. It’s not like I need an excuse to drink beer – and I prefer the dark kind, not green beer, anyway. (Ok – so the periodic Hefeweizen is pretty tasty too)

Uhm. Yeah.

Ceasar is Dead! Long Live Ceasar!

2050 years ago…

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