BSG Season 2

We finally finished out season 2 of Battlestar Galatica. They certainly aren’t taking the same route as the show in the 70’s. I do admit, I’m looking forward to this October when season 3 starts airing – should be interesting!

(yeah, Ryan – I’m not sure where the hell they’re going with it…)

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5 thoughts on “BSG Season 2

  1. Given Ron Moore’s Trek work, his blog and what they’ve done so far with the thing, I’m sure it’s going to be an interesting ride.


  2. The only thing I hope is that Hera doesn’t end up being the “lizard-human-hybrid-that-will-save-us-all” from V. That might just be too corny.


  3. Ron Moore has taken a big risk with the way he ended the season. It could be very cool or it could spell the end of the show. I’m a little disappointed that Baltar has gone from being a complex and even sympathetic figure to the obvious villan of the show. I love the complexities and the questionable ethics of both the “heroes” and the “villans”. I’ll keep the faith for now as Moore has earned the benefit of the doubt to date.


  4. Right now I’m thinking this is a dream sequence (the year transition to New Caprica) was a bit “too done before”. My guess is that Baltar will “wake up” when things get bad and believe that the Cylon God was trying to show me error of his ways…. right now it’s just a guess.

    It could go 180-degrees the opposite way. Right now RDM is in new terroritory for BSG. If there is a 5th-column of cylons thinking they did the wrong thing then we venture into V terrority… I don’t think I’d like that too much.

    Either way, October is tooooooooooo looooooooonnnnnnnggggg of a wait 🙂


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