I can’t resist…

Okay, I know I shouldn’t – but I can’t resist. I just love seeing job postings like this one: Release Manager.

Now I’ve been a release manager (and a lot of other things), and while that particular position is really pretty broad, the description on this one is hilarious. (the rules on the post forbid it’s reposting – so it’s only good for a few days I’d guess)

Really, they don’t know what the hell they’re looking for. Either that, or I’d guess that there’s some major internal conflicts between dev, test, and QA (if it exists) that haven’t been resolved. I mean, come on – since when is a release manager responsible for doing master documentation updates, project purchase plans, and oversight for the operations and development training and review? At this breadth, I think they’re looking for a development manager…

But then there’s the kicker : experience with exchange, security, SQL server, active directory, and prefer MCSE or MCSD Certification? Uhm, hm.

Good luck guys – I hope you find someone!

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