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Well, I finally did it. Upgraded from the Motorola TDMA phone that I’ve had for ages into the world of GPRS, Sim cards, equally poor reception at my house, and a very odd mini camera.

So now I’m the owner of one of those sleek lookin’ Motorola RAZR phones. Cingular has some sort of special deal for a black version, and since we stayed with Cingular, I went ahead and got that one. Turns out the new gig has a nice deal/discount on some of this stuff, so it seemed to be the right time to upgrade.

While we were at it, Karen’s picked up a cell phone too. Her first one, and she’s not too sure of it. We got her a Nokia 6102, and she’s talking to her dad right now. One of the nice features is calls between the two phones over the cingular network are free – and we figure we’ll mostly be calling each other.

Guess I’ll have to go read the manual on that thing now…

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4 thoughts on “phone upgrade

  1. Speaking of Bluetooth earsets, seems the Motorola earsets that Cingular offers won’t work properly with Sony Ericsson phones.

    It’s quite unfortunate.

    The black RAZR is pretty popular… at least, everyone around the office has one. Except me, because I thought the SLVR was going to only be T-Mobile… and I figured I didn’t want to deal with that and got a Sony Ericsson that I mostly love… but it’s not the SLVR I wanted.

    Oh well 🙂 Enjoy your RAZR!


  2. I asked Joe how come he didn’t get a pink RAZR. He said he didn’t want a pink RAZR. I asked him, how come you didn’t want a pink RAZR? He didn’t answer my question.


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