viewing the world through a phone

I finally got the phone working with viewing things on the internet – turns out the recommend procedure to get it online was:

1) turn off the phone
2) take out the battery
3) remove the SIM card
4) let it sit for 5 minutes
5) put the SIM card back in
6) put the battery back in
7) turn on phone


I love it when rebooting the system solves the problem. Heh.

Not sure how useful this whole “browsing with phone” thing will be – the RAZR didn’t seem to work looking at my blog, so I guess it has a pretty limited browser mode (WAP or something). I did manage to mail a picture I took with the phone to myself though. Not too bad. Its not nearly as good as the digital camera I keep in my pocket, but it’s reasonably acceptable. And it looks like it’s pretty easy to use. I still remember Jeremy sending my pics from Byron’s wedding since I couldn’t be there. I thought that was pretty cool.

I guess I’ll have to find some a few mp3’s and set up ringtones and such now. All the good fiddling that you can waste hours with – the best kind! I’ve already sync’d the phone to the iBook, and that worked pretty well. I do wish it hadn’t created a separate contact for EVERY phone number – I’ll make a more limited list and sync that in the future I think.

Enough for now – back to my sunday fiddling.

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