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Last evening and tonight were an adventure in compiling. I was getting sqlite3 and pysqlite installed on my desktop Mac, and for some reason the pysqlite library was just being a complete pain in the butt. I installed python 2.4 and sqlite3 from DarwinPorts, but pysqlite needed to be version 2.1.3 to match up properly – meaning I had to install it from source. No biggie – only when I installed it on the desktop, I kept getting an error about a missing symbol being referenced.

I still don’t know what I missed, but I ended up copying the egg I created on my laptop (that’s a python binary distribution in a zip-file kinda format) over to the Desktop, and it solved the issue.

Gus suggested that I had my LD_LIBRARY_PATH borked, which may well have been the case. The only other thing I could spot was that DarwinPorts put Sqlite3.3.4 on the desktop, and the laptop has the slightly older 3.3.3. Eh, weird.

I still don’t quite grok the whole python “egg” thing, but I think the binary distributable format concept is really nice. Kind of a java “jar” concept, and obviously the portability made my life a touch easier this evening.

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