A week with the RAZR

It’s been almost a week now that I’ve had the RAZR, and I’ve got to say – that upgrade was really worth it. The new thing is stylin’, a great toy (I just learned that I can send AIM and/or Yahoo IM messages from it), and technologically nifty. I’m looking forward to setting it up with Bluetooth and seeing what interesting trouble I can get into with that.

What I didn’t expect was how much better the reception would be – even in my house – and how cleaner the voice quality was over the TDMA phone that I used to have. Don’t get me wrong – cell phone reception at the house is still terrible. But now there’s a chance of me hearing part of the conversation without having my right arm, ear, and head all glued to the southern facing window in my dining room in a desperate bid to get any reception.

I don’t know how much I’ll use the internet functionality. I purchased a minimal package to check it out – we’ll see where it goes from there. If I use it – great. If not, that’s OK too. Sending SMS messages from the phone – that’s just crappy. Anyone who says that is intuitive is just broken in the head. It’s *doable*, but so was lugging around those “portables” in 1980. Yeah, you can do it. But why on earth would you want to?

The biggest problem I’m having with it is knowing where to keep it. I don’t want to scratch it up against keys, change, or whatever. I dare not stick it in my back pocket, or it’ll die for sure when I sit down without thinking. So far, a breast pocket on a jacket is about my best bet. I’m sure I’ll work something out though.

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One thought on “A week with the RAZR

  1. I kind of dig being able to send photos to flickr with my phone and Media Net. That’s pretty much all I use it for, aside from the random checking of the WSDOT traffic flow map or weather reports.

    I think you can get the alaska air flight tracker on phones too, but… I don’t do much picking up of people at the airport anymore.


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