a monitor the size of a drafting table…

Today I’m doing a fair bit of code archeaology, and at the moment I’m wishing that I had a monitor the size of a drafting table.

Back in Missouri, I had this amazing drafting table. It was freakin’ huge – some relic from a military base that I’d received from a friend’s father. The writing area on this thing was larger than some dining room tables. I still think of that monster fondly – even though there isn’t any possible way that we could even fit it into our house.

But digging through all these files – reading, cross-correlating, driving into the details – man, I need a lot more than a 15″ monitor. Paper is scattered all over my desk with notes as I’m going, and that is about the only way to keep it all straight. But a monitor the size of a drafting table? Yeah, that’d about do it.

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One thought on “a monitor the size of a drafting table…

  1. if you ever find anything like this let me know. I have been looking for a CAD drafting table (like you described). They have them for computer artists, why not CAD systems.


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