Tonight John and I took in V for Vendetta at the Cinerama. Damn, that was a good one. I’d love to go see it with the gang from IATS, it would have been a perfect fit. Hugo Weaving has now more than impressed me with an incredible display of diction and enunciation. It was incredible. He was good in Matrix, better in Lord of the Rings, and this was (to me) his crowning event with voice. Just amazing.

I think Karen would even like the movie – although not the violence. There were some scenes in there that I’m sure would horrify/terrorize her, but I suspect for the core of the movie she would really get into it. Maybe one day, but I’m not going to recommend it to her for a theatre seating (although I do recommend the Cinerama for a good show in Seattle…)

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  1. We (this is the game gang rather than the work gang) had an interesting discussion about it but these guys are serious comic book guys so they didn’t like it nearly as much.


  2. I can understand that. From what I gather, the screenplay changed the plot lines dramatically from the book. It would be interesting to read/hear why that was done…


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