You know, I’m just not all that interested in BootCamp – the technology that let’s you boot Windows XP on your Intel Mac. Just doesn’t buy me much. I so much prefer the Mac OS given a choice… But then I do like to play the periodic windows-only game. Eh – I guess that’s a reason. But really, the whole “you have to reboot” thing just sucks. It’s the virtualization software that I’m really interested in.

I kind of assumed VMWare would be out there kicking butt in this area, but it looks like they were beaten to market (assuming they’re heading in this direction) by Parallels. Now that’s what I’m interested in. If it can play Spore reasonably when Spore hits the streets – well, I’ll be interested. I suppose I might be interested in it for the periodic hit in MS Visual Studio, but only if I have to…

But while I’m ranting about windows – can anyone tell me why the hell you can’t just grab a command window and drag it wider? It appears that you have to right click, go to Properties, and then twiddle-click a tiny button all in the interest of making that stupid window usable with a bit of wide-format data. Now that – that sucks. Maybe Monad and Vista will be better – then they’ll finally catch up to X Windows from a couple of decades ago.

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  1. If I’m understanding you correctly, most apps allow you to widen the screen. Just move the cursor on the side until the double bar appears and then move it.


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