Getting ready for planting…

Today was definitely “nursery” day. We hit three different nurseries, and spent more money than I expected – although Karen asserts we’re doing well for everything we purchased. The particularly cool things we got include two dwarf cherry trees, a western hemlock, a vine maple, and these really neat ground-cover mint plants that smell great when you walk on them. There’s a lot of other plants out there – but those details are beyond what I was really tracking.

Some of it is getting delivered tomorrow – delivery seemed to be the better part of valour for bringing home multiple trees. At this point, I guess we’ll be doing some planting in the coming week or two… Pictures at some point.

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One thought on “Getting ready for planting…

  1. I had to Google the Vine Maple- looks like a very cool tree, and when it grows up you can make showshoes!
    Hemlocks are also cool, I love them around the cottage we rent up in Michigan each summer…can’t grow them around here, I guess its the heat that gets to them.
    So far my experimental Aspen trees are doing ok in Missouri…we don’t have the right temps to get the nice gold leaves in the fall, but the bark is turning a nice greyish-white. They are all of about 5 feet tall now, I planted them 3 years ago.

    I’ve going to plant a couple of river birches this year…been wanting to plant the traditional paper bark birches, but I guess they just don’t do well here in MO. I do see River Birches darn near everywhere though, so they should be pretty goof-proof.

    Looking forward to seeing the plant pics!



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